Need A New Year’s Resolution for 2019? Why not improve your oral health?

It’s December again, so you might be starting to think about the New Year, and of course that New Year’s resolution. How about making next year’s resolution to improve your oral health? After all, your oral health can impact on the way you look, feel and function. Just think about how good those selfies and holiday snaps will look with your healthy pearly whites.

All too often our New Year’s resolution revolves around weight loss and getting fitter, and while these are important to our health, so is taking care of your mouth with proper dental hygiene. Added bonus: it only takes a few minutes twice each day, and no sweating required! Following, are some tips to get your oral health set for improvement in 2019.

Daily flossing

Hopefully you’re already brushing your teeth twice each day, but without flossing and a good mouthwash, you’re only really doing half the job. Bacteria and food particles can get stuck where a toothbrush can’t reach, such as between the teeth and in the gumline. This is where floss comes in – cleaning the tight, hard to reach places, and helping to kill any remaining bacteria.

Diet for oral health

Eating healthier can do wonders for your overall as well as your oral health. Certain foods, such as those rich in fibre as well as dairy products, are particularly beneficial for teeth and gums. Likewise, there are certain foods and drinks that should be consumed less often, especially those that are high in sugar or that are highly acidic. It is also beneficial to your oral health to drink more fluids – in the form of water.

Regular dental check-ups

Maintaining your oral health through good hygiene practices and diet are a great base for keeping your mouth and teeth healthy. However, there is still another important aspect to include in your resolution, and that is scheduling regular appointments with your dentist. That way you can ensure that your mouth and teeth are in tip-top condition, while also helping to prevent any unnecessary problems from arising.

Use Your Private Health Insurance

If you hold Private Health cover, why not take advantage of a new year balance? A Christmas Clean is a great idea, and you’ll be all set for New Year’s Eve!

At Moss Vale Dental we are dedicated to helping you to keep your mouth healthy year after year. If you want to ensure the health of your teeth and gums, as well as a photo-worthy smile, call Shelly today and make an appointment on (02) 4869 3111.


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