Dr Miree H R Cho

Dr Miree Cho

Dr Miree H R Cho

DMD, BBiomed(Hons)

Miree (rhymes with Siri), was born and raised in Melbourne. She is a second generation Korean, and elder sister to two cheeky little brothers. Dentistry has always been a passion for Miree, and she has been intrigued with the science and art behind the complexities of dentistry for most of her life. Miree enjoys meeting people and making sure they feel comfortable relaxed. As a child, Miree found she actually enjoyed going to her dentist, and she thinks that’s why she now likes people and teeth equally, and is very happy being a dentist and offering high quality care to all her patients.

“I decided to choose dentistry as a profession as a result of encouragement from the dentist that was looking after me when I was about 16. He loved what he did and he took the trouble to encourage me to see the possibilities of a life helping people to look after their teeth. When young people have a lot of dental treatment they have one of two reactions: either they never want to see a dentist again, or (perhaps more rarely!) they become exceptionally interested in avoiding future dental trouble. That’s what happened to me: but looking back, even I think I took the interest a bit far. I can remember phoning the practice office when I was in high school to ask why they hadn’t sent me a six-month reminder letter. It turned out they were a month behind in sending their usual letters. I think they found that a bit surprising-with good reason!”

After graduation Patrick worked in a variety of practices in suburban Sydney, including Gladesville, Manly, and the Ryde area. He combined a busy general practice with part-time teaching for both the university faculty and TAFE. For many years, Patrick was responsible for delivering courses for dental assistants in both general dentistry and radiography. He still enjoys teaching which is a bit of family tradition as both his mum and dad were involved in education.

“The thing I am most interested in, within my profession, and in my practice, are the ideas of quality and longevity. Without a high quality of treatment, you can’t have longevity, and having treatment that lasts is very important, both to your health and to your enjoyment of life. In my dental office, my patients desire for health is encouraged and respected, and we all strive for perfection in communication and advice, in the treatment we offer and the procedures we carry out.”

After marrying Evelyn, they both decided to choose the quiet Southern Highlands town of Moss Vale to raise their family. Patrick was invited to join what was then the only practice in Moss Vale in 1989 and became a partner in 1990. Over the next decade they had three boys, Lachlan, Cameron and Duncan.


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