New Sensor

Who do we have here? It’s our favourite patient Dr Patrick Meaney doing a test run of our latest piece of equipment that was recently installed. So cooperative!

We are very excited that Patrick has invested in the Schick 33 Sensor which is a wireless device for taking intra oral radiographs. Why so exciting? This means that we can take far more detailed images than the old technology would allow. Potential problem areas can be detected earlier so that our patients can have less invasive, possibly more economical treatment. This is the very latest technology with the highest resolution available in the world: 33 line pairs per mm for those who are interested! The one it replaces had 20 lp/mm.

It also has enhanced imaging software making it possible for us to show patients exactly what is being diagnosed or discussed. We hope that this will make you feel more involved and better able to understand our treatment plans. Patrick makes the comparison that if you can imagine the quality of photos that your first Nokia took way back when and compare it to what resolution you achieve with your smartphone today: we are expecting a similar difference.

The images are taken chairside for your convenience. So next time you are due for some updates on your images let us know what you think. And no… we are not going to tell you if Olivia thought Patrick has been flossing regularly. 


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