Dental Conference: Quintessence 2012

ON SITE again for another fun-filled two days, at the Sydney Convention Centre, Darling Harbour. This occasion was what must be at least the 4th (if not more-anyone know??) Quintessence International Symposium hosted  by Henry Schein Halas.

Interviewing duties were shared by colleague Dr Scott Davis (thanks Scot).

I was fortunate to speak to Professor Hugo De Bruyn about using implant fixtures that are shorter, but wider (much like himself, as Hugo pointed out) rather than longer, more conventional implants. He is having great success with Southern’s Max implant. He also likes their co-axis implant for difficult cases. Professor Stan Malamed is still steamed up about disparagement of Articaine in a recent ADJ article; but more interested in the 40th anniversary of the publication of Dr George Gow-Gates landmark article on the Gow-Gates Mandibular block. Stan was a little bemused: he thought he was lecturing for 3 hours, not one, so we missed some of his best material. But, hey, he’ll be back soon!
Also chatted with Dr Marc Nevins about guided surgery. Turns out, it’s actually not for inexperienced surgeons after all! Who knew? Some beautiful results and a great presentation at  the dental conference 2012.
Associate Professor Stephen Wallace was a revelation, mostly because of an impressive collection of small and large arms, but also because of the mastery of the lateral sinus lift he demonstrated. He’s also a keen advocate for cow-bone instead of autonomous grafting for sinus lift procedures. Made a good case-wonder who is still using human bone in sinuses??

At the Dental Conference 2012 I also took in:
Treatment Planning for the Lower Edentulous
Ridge – The Removable Approach
Dr Gary Smith BDSc, MDSc, FADI, FICD (how he gets those beautiful lower edentulous impressions is amazing)

Implant Supported Full Arch Zirconia Based Fixed Prostheses: Considerations on
Material, Procedures and Prosthesis Design
Associate Professor Max Guazzato PhD, DDS, DClinDent
(Pros), FRACDS, MRACDS (Pros), DT (really nice work as usual)

An Integrated Approach to Treatment
Planning – The Ortho – Perio – Restorative
Dr. Ricardo Mitrani DDS, MSc (great interdisciplinary approach)

State of the Art on Reconstruction of
Endodontically Treated Teeth
Marco Ferrari MD, DDS, PhD (more about posts than I thought there was to know!)

Oral Cancer Awareness for the General
Practitioner: New Approaches to Patient
Associate Professor Camile S Farah BDSc, MDSc, PhD,
GCEd (HE), FRACDS (Oral Med), FIAOO, FICD, FPFA (Camille really knows quite a lot about oral cancer)

Creating the “Super Tooth”: New Concept
of Bonding to Enamel and Dentin
Professor Junji Tagami DDS, PhD (thoughts new from the original source of “Total Etch”, Japanese research)

Modern Restorative Treatment Concepts
Professor Markus B Blatz DMD, PhD (w whirlwind of modern possibilities)

All Ceramic Restorations – Clinical
Performance Over 20 Years
Professor Herbert Dumfahrt MD, DDS, PhD (beats me how one man can have a practice almost solely consisting of thin beautiful women who end up with great teeth, but that must be Innsbruck for you…)

Scott interviewed Barbara Woodhouse, Herbert Dumfahrt and local star Max Guazzato. Look out for all of them in an upcoming ADA, Inc Dental Files CD.


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