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Welcome to Dr Patrick Meaney's Dental Practice...

Why Choose Us?

With so many dentists in the Southern Highlands, how do you find the right one for you?
In this section I talk about how we deliver excellent care, why we think that's important and what it means for you.

Dentistry You Can Trust

My staff and I are strive to deliver the highest quality dental care possible.
The treatment we offer you is the same we recommend for our families and friends.
No shortcuts, no compromises: optimum treatment individually tailored so you can be as dentally healthy as possible. Oh, and one other thing: you won’t get a different dentist every time you make an appointment: we hope to get to know you, and treat you well, every time.


High quality care should be comfortable, affordable and designed for particular needs of each person we treat. Your treatment should look good, feel good, and last a long time. Getting the right care for your situation starts with talking to you about what's important in your life, and working out exactly how to deliver that for you. Achieving the highest standards for your oral health doesn’t happen overnight, or by accident. I've lived and practised in Moss Vale since 1989, and I've consistently focussed on providing up-to-date, accurate advice for all my patients, so you can have the benefit of the best care available. I hope you’ll notice the difference when you enter our reception area. My office is designed for adults who want to be treated in a modern and caring environment, and for children who want a great start for their dental health. Behind the scenes you’ll find state of the art sterilisation and infection control protocols and of course, my well-trained friendly staff.

High quality care starts with providing treatment in a safe and dependable way. We only use digital x-rays-which means any radiation exposure is as low as possible. I’ve dedicated myself to using the best equipment and working with the best staff I can find. The whole practice, everything we do to keep you safe and healthy, has been independently Accredited by Quality Innovation Performance and the Australian Dental Association.

We undertake regular continuing professional education, and attend seminars and post-graduate training to maintain our leading edge in everything we do. You can be sure that in Moss Vale, in the Southern Highlands, you will be looked after by a team dedicated to the highest quality we can achieve.

It’s all about Teeth

If you want to keep your teeth for the rest of your life, we can help. Nowadays, there are no mysteries about dental care: with the right technologies and a few simple protocols it’s possible for you to be dentally healthy for as long as you want.
If you have lost teeth, we have wonderful solutions for all sorts of situations. Without gums, there's no teeth, and our hygiene maintenance programs will keep you looking your best.

It’s not all about Teeth!

In the past, dental care may have been a confronting and upsetting experience. If you’re anxious, we understand. We can organise your treatment to be delivered using intravenous sedation, ‘happy gas’, or oral sedation. Some of our patients are cared for by our specilaist colleagues anbd practice partners under general anaesthetic.
Sometimes it might be simply taking the time to listen: your dental care is important, and I’ll do everything I can to help.

I welcome you to explore the website for more information, and when you’re ready, please call us for an appointment―we’ll be very happy to help.

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"I HAVE A GREAT DENTIST IN SYDNEY, BUT..." that you've settled in the Highlands...

Is the trip to your dentist getting too much? Why travel a long distance when everything you need can be found right here: we’ll liaise with your current dentist to ensure a smooth transition. You’ll find easy parking, friendly staff and professional care. At Moss Vale Dental, we help lots of people who have relocated from Canberra, the Coast, Sydney, and much further afield. We'll also ensure any current specialist care continues with attending specialists, if required. Make your appointment here.


We've all been training for this our whole lives―we can't wait to meet you in person!


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