An intro to caring for your wisdom teeth

It’s a natural part of aging some of us may experience, wisdom teeth are your last teeth to come through both your upper and lower gums, completing a full set of 32 adult teeth.

Your wisdom teeth usually start to gradually emerge around your late teens to twenties, yet for some, this can still occur well after this age bracket.

Also known as your third set of molars, wisdom teeth are what anthropologists believe to be the evolutionary answer to the diet of our early ancestors which required more chewing power.

When your wisdom teeth begin to erupt, there are few things which you can add to your daily dental routine to care for this area and also minimize the chances of experiencing unnecessary pain which could potentially be caused by infection.

* Just like you do with your other teeth, it’s just as important to brush this area to help clean away any food particles and plaque

* Rinsing with warm salty water or an antibacterial mouth wash if you’re experiencing any pain can help fight bacteria and get you back to feeling great again

* Additionally, if you’re also experiencing a discomfort sensation or pain as they emerge, lightly applying a heat or cold pack to the side of your face where it hurts can assist in reducing such feeling

* Continuing your routine flossing between your teeth is just as important, so make sure to remember not to forget those wisdom teeth!

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