Dry July

Why the empty wine glass ladies? It’s Dry July for these two lovely dental assistants! Mary and Olivia have bravely opted to go without a tipple for the month to raise funds for people affected by cancer. Great work girls: we will check in to see how your alcohol free month is panning out.

Alcohol can have an acidic effect on your teeth so it’s important to stay hydrated with a glass of water in between drinks. Regular dental check ups will monitor possible staining from red wine and there are several options to address this. Going alcohol free can benefit your health in many ways including having more energy, a clearer head, control junk food/sugar cravings and saving a few dollars. Winter is a great time to start a new regime in preparation for the busy summer months ahead. Enjoying a brisk walk in our beautiful Highlands is a fantastic way to start. Are there any dental concerns you have been thinking about? Now is a perfect time to schedule some appointments to have your smile ready to go.

So while the rest of us enjoy a glass of red by the fire: Mary and Liv will be on designated driver duties for the next few weeks. Wish them well next time you visit us at the office and if you would like more information about Dry July or to make a donation visit : https://www.dryjuly.com/


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