Southern Highlands Pie Time

We are off to a very wet, windy and chilly start to our Moss Vale winter so it is very exciting that June is Southern Highlands Pie Time! Did you know that here at the Moss Vale Dental office in Moss Vale we have a secret pie aficionado who sometimes likes to break the Friday

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An introduction to Crowns

You’ve heard of dental crowns, perhaps ‘caps’-a mainly US term. But what are they and why do we sometimes recommend them? !A crown is really the last resort for a tooth that has done a lot of work for you over the years. Unless you’ve had an accident, crowns are only used after a series

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Diabetes and Oral Health

Did you know that there are oral symptoms that can be an indicator of diabetes? Studies have shown that 30% of people with diabetes don’t know they have this disease. Undiagnosed diabetes can lead to a high blood sugar and this will not only affect your heart, blood vessels, eyes and kidneys, but also the

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Odontogenesis may sound like a futuristic term, however, it actually refers to the process by which teeth develop. This complex process begins with the formation of embryonic cells that grow to eventually erupt through the gums in the mouth as teeth. We each grow two sets of teeth: Primary teeth These are the first set

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Sugar, not so sweet for your teeth

Sugar, not so sweet for your teeth Sugar, “so sweet”, but not so innocent. It lurks in many of the foods and drinks consumed regularly by most of the population and is strongly contributing to a decline in dental health. As children and teenagers, we’re lured in by the bright colours and associations with fun

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The impact of medications on oral health

The impact of medications on oral health Many of us take medication from time-to-time or on an ongoing basis, but were you aware that different medications can have an impact on your oral and dental health? For most people, there is very little attention given to the impact that their medications have in this area

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Taking care of your toothbrush

You’re taking care of your oral hygiene, brushing, flossing, brushing or scraping your tongue and following up with a mouthwash, but do you consider the hygienic conditions of your main tool – your toothbrush? As you rely on your toothbrush to maintain your oral health, then it makes sense that you pay attention to the

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