Visiting the Dentist during pregnancy

Hi! Patrick here (the Patrick in Dr Patrick J Meaney and Associates, celebrating 30 years practice in Moss Vale)(and 36 as a dentist) (and 42 since I first picked up a drill…) Regular patients here will quickly realise there’s something odd about my workplace: I’m surrounded by women. It’s only a statistical difference to the

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Southern Highlands Pie Time

We are off to a very wet, windy and chilly start to our Moss Vale winter so it is very exciting that June is Southern Highlands Pie Time! Did you know that here at the Moss Vale Dental office in Moss Vale we have a secret pie aficionado who sometimes likes to break the Friday

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Experienced A Chipped Tooth?

You’ve happily chomped on a hard piece of food and all of a sudden you have the shocking realisation that you have in fact, chipped your tooth. So now you’re thinking what to do next… In today’s blog, we’re addressing what you should do when you have chipped your tooth. It’s very hard to tell

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An introduction to Crowns

You’ve heard of dental crowns, perhaps ‘caps’-a mainly US term. But what are they and why do we sometimes recommend them? !A crown is really the last resort for a tooth that has done a lot of work for you over the years. Unless you’ve had an accident, crowns are only used after a series

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