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At Moss Vale Dental, we are committed to the concept of “Lifelong Learning”―constantly improving our professional skills and knowledge so we can help patients in Mittagong, Bowral and Moss Vale to receive the best possible care.

Dr Miree Cho recently went to Brisbane to participate in a professional development course at the Queensland Branch of the ADA. It’s hard to practice advanced skills on real people so Miree was pleased to find state-of-the-art simulation surgical models to fine tune her surgical skills. The course, Practical Oral Surgery, was a hands-on course that allowed Miree to follow complex surgical exercises on lifelike anatomical replicas.

The course included comprehensive patient examination, diagnosis and treatment planning with a range of exercises, with a particular focus on what’s called minor oral surgery.

This included wisdom teeth evaluation and various surgical techniques for extractions and treating infections, which sadly still occur in the Southern Highlands on a regular basis.
Miree said, “The models were simply amazing: they look like the sort of normal anatomy I see in my patient’s mouths all the time, and they replicate real mouths as closely as possible so doin the training was virtually the same as it would be in real people.”

Miree picked up lots of new skills and was able to reconnect with some of her old University of Sydney mates. She even managed a quick spin to the Gold Coast for an Apple Cruffin.

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