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Half Marathon

Here at Patrick J Meaney and Associates we believe in a healthy well balanced lifestyle. Fresh air, good times and the odd 20 kilometre run. Well not all of us do the run. When Mary’s running mate Renee decided that being eight months pregnant excused her from her duties, it was Dr Cho who stepped

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Night Out

Thanks Patrick and Evelyn for treating us to a great night out at the Robertson Inn Hotel this week. We were there to have a bit of a last hurrah before Renee and Magdalena head off on leave. We’re going to miss you girls. Lucky us having some nice wine and an open fire. Hopefully

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Are women especially prone to oral health concerns?

There are many areas where women’s oral health factors may differ from those of men, the obvious ones being related to reproduction. Puberty, pregnancy and the oral contraceptive pill Puberty, pregnancy and use of “the pill” all give rise to hormonal fluctuations in women. Gingival (or gum) tissues in the human mouth have receptors for

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What Your Bleeding Gums Are Trying To Tell You

  Gum disease alters the defence mechanisms of the gum tissues and supporting structures surrounding the teeth. This allows bacteria that should only be present in your mouth to enter the blood stream and spread to other parts of the body. These bacteria, such as gingivitis found in cases of periodontal disease, has been linked to

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Bump Watch 2017

We’re getting close! Not long now for these two lovely ladies and their beautiful bumps. Renee and Magdalena will be going on leave soon so we thought everyone would enjoy a photo of how things are progressing. Looking good! Time does fly so they will be back in the office before we know it. In

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Autumn has arrived.

Our annual display of beautiful autumn colour has arrived and with it a drop in temperature. Often patients comment that their teeth feel more sensitive in the cooler weather.  There is a broad range of conditions that can cause sensitivity which becomes more noticeable in autumn and winter. There are several steps you can take to relieve sensitivity including

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