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Is The Way You Are Breathing Bad For You?

Mouth Breathing – Your Health and Your Teeth The way you breathe can greatly impact on your physical and dental health. The body is designed for you to breathe predominately through the nose. The nose filters the air trapping dust particles and allergens. However, for one reason or another many people breathe through the mouth.

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Good News on CDBS

We recently received some good news regarding the Childhood Dental Benefits Scheme. With a change of government came some uncertainty about whether the scheme would continue and in what form. After extensive lobbying from the ADA the Turnbull government has announced that it will reinstate the $1000 benefit. This allowance is available to some families

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Exciting News

So we have some very exciting news at the office. Not one but two expectant mothers! Renee and Magdalena are both pregnant with their second babies. Congratulations to them and their families. They will take some time off but shall return to the office to look after our patients. Hormone changes whilst pregnant can means

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First Aid Training

We like to start the New Year with a day of training in managing medical emergencies to keep our knowledge fresh and up to date. It is such a serious subject but we always manage to have a few laughs along the way. Many thanks to John Fahey from Cynergex for patiently putting us through

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