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Time2switch campaign

Do you have private health insurance? Do your extras rebates keep shrinking while your premiums keep growing? The Australian Dental Assosciation is very concerned about this issue. We would like you to get the best rebate possible. Please have a look at the Time2switch ADA website. Here you can compare your policy and even write

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What is Tooth Decay?

Tooth decay occurs when acids produced by bacteria in your mouth dissolve the outer layer of your teeth, which can result in cavities, toothache or abscesses. Everyone’s mouth contains bacteria, and when we consume sugary or high-carbohydrate foods and drinks the bacteria produce they decay causing acid. You need to brush your teeth regularly to

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Yellowing Teeth

23/11/16 Yellowing Teeth     As we get older, our teeth get more yellow, so it’s an immediate giveaway of age, no matter how good the rest of your face looks. Smoking, as well as tea, coffee, red wine, fizzy drinks and juices can lead to discolouring. Anything that will stain a white shirt will

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Birthdays and Bong Bong

Here we are nearly at the end of November and so much has happened. We had a very exciting milestone birthday for Renee (more on that next week!) and our Shelly had a birthday on Friday. She decided the best way to spend it was here at work with us. On her day off. She

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Ultimo Software Training

We are always looking at ways to improve our service at the office and recently we made the big decision to change our practice management software. Gary from Ultimo Medical Technologies came from Melbourne to spend two days training us in our new system. We are all still wearing our L plates but hope to

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Remembrance Day

Today we join many of you in remembering those who have served and made the ultimate sacrifice. Remembrance Day can be very solemn but also a way to reflect on the many freedoms we enjoy. Our thoughts and respect to all of you participating in the ceremonies today.

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Melbourne Cup

It’s a beautiful day in Moss Vale: perfect for pretty hats and snappy suits. Hopefully some of our patients are out there getting ready to enjoy a tipple and a punt at one of the many events on today for Melbourne Cup. All the best for your horse coming in a winner! For the rest of

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