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Pink Ribbon Month

October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month and as it draws to a close we are having a special morning tea to show our support. We have some pink cupcakes that are inspired by… can you guess? Let’s hope Mary leaves some for us. So many members of our community are affected by cancer and we

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What’s My Health Got to Do With My Teeth?

Do you ever wonder why when you visit the dentist or hygienist they ask questions about your general health?  At Mossvale Dental we are particularly keen to know if you have diabetes or heart disease or other health issues so we can gain a better understanding of your health in relationship to your dental health.

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Pierre Fauchard Academy 80th Birthday Convention

Patrick has been out of the office this week attending the 80th birthday convention of the Pierre Fauchard Academy in Denver, Colorado. Who are they and what do they do? The academy is an international honorary group of dentists who  “recognise and grow leaders in the industry”.” Where did the name come from? Dr Fauchard

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Cake time!

We are always up for some cake and today we have two celebrations. Does that mean double the cake? Mary is celebrating her birthday today. What better way to spend your big day than here with your workmates having fun? Renee is also celebrating the massive milestone of 21 years of enjoying looking after all

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Dental Injuries And Accidents

While contact sports are the obvious source of most dental injuries and accidents, these can also commonly occur as a result of roller blading, skateboarding, bike-riding and scootering. You can bet your life that just as if your child’s (very expensive) braces have come off or their adult front teeth have come through, they’ll get

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