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    Hi! How do you like the site? There’s a story to this website: it’s something different to a lot of websites, certainly dental websites, because it responds to mobile devices like iPhones, iPads and other smart phones and tablets completely differently to anything you’ve ever …

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  • Medications

    The impact of medications on oral health

    The impact of medications on oral health Many of us take medication from time-to-time or on an ongoing basis, but were you aware that different medications can have an impact on your oral and dental health? For most people, there is very little attention given …

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    Taking care of your toothbrush

    You’re taking care of your oral hygiene, brushing, flossing, brushing or scraping your tongue and following up with a mouthwash, but do you consider the hygienic conditions of your main tool – your toothbrush? As you rely on your toothbrush to maintain your oral health, …

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  • Melanie

    If you have come in to the office over the last few months you may have had the pleasure of meeting our new team member Miss Melanie Ford. A local girl, Melanie finished high school last year and is training with us to begin her …

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  • After 2

    What are your gums saying about your health?

    What are your gums saying about your health? Do you pride yourself on the healthy appearance of your pearly white teeth? But what about your gums? Did you know that the health of your gums can be one of the first indicators of poor health …

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  • Wisdom Teeth Removal Pain 1170x780

    Wisdom Teeth Woes?

    Are you experiencing oral pain in the gums at the back of your mouth on one or both sides, and possibly also in the top and bottom? It could be your wisdom teeth making an appearance. They are the last molars to erupt, generally during …

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  • Health Oral Sensitiveteeth

    Tooth Sensitivity

    Does the thought of sipping a hot beverage or biting into an ice cream make you cringe? For those who suffer from sensitive teeth the answer is a painful “yes”. It is not an uncommon symptom, but there are several possible causes, including: Worn tooth …

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  • Dry Mouth

    Dental Care for a Dry Mouth

    Dental Care for a Dry Mouth A dry mouth can have many causes. ‘Too many birthdays’ – a common condition for our patients! Can cause a natural decrease in the quantity and the quality of your saliva. Surprisingly, dehydration, or not drinking enough fluids during …

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  • Shutterstock Oldercouple

    Whiter teeth – Naturally!

    Whiter teeth – Naturally!   Having white teeth has become an increasingly important issue for many patients. Unfortunately our perception of normal, healthy, white teeth has been blurred by what we see in the media. The teeth of celebrities, models and others in the media …

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  • Apneh

    Mouth Breathing – Problem or Not?

    Mouth Breathing – Problem or Not? Breathing through the mouth day and night can certainly be a problem. In children, whose facial structure is still developing, mouth breathing can have catastrophic effects, including facial deformity and poor growth. In adults, halitosis (bad breath), gum disease …

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  • Man Flossing

    Nutrition Tips for a Healthy Mouth

    Nutrition Tips for a Healthy Mouth While daily flossing, brushing and regular visits to your dentist are the mainstay of teeth maintenance, food and beverage choices are also of paramount importance to help keep your smile! Here are some tips for maintaining oral health nutritionally. …

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